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 Moby lucky to have fans

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PostSubject: Moby lucky to have fans   Moby lucky to have fans EmptySun Jul 19, 2009 11:03 am

Moby is amazed he has fans.

The 'Go' hitmaker is always astonished that people turn up to his concerts and can't believe he still gets booked to perform.

He said: "There have been periods of great success and periods of abject failure. I've made lots of different types of music and done lots of strange ancillary things. I marvel that I still get to play shows.

"Some musicians have what is probably a healthy sense of entitlement. When they announce a concert. They expect it to sell out. When I announce a concert, I expect maybe a few people to wander in."

The musician also admitted he doesn't understand why people like his best-selling 'Play' album, branding it "mediocre".

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Moby lucky to have fans
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